Greater Flexibility and Capability … at Reduced Costs


This defense organization had needs in several areas. Its managers were seeking ways to reduce operational life-cycle costs, while its analysts required a solution that would optimize resource use and availability. Additionally, the organization sought a better way to share information across secure domains, and ensure that the right information was available to the right people at the right time. Another challenge was that latency and the lack of synchronization of data were causing disparate information, resulting in no “single source of truth.”


After identifying the client’s specific issues and requirements, the Aveshka team built security into the organization’s cloud. We also engineered the security of several cross-domain solutions throughout their life-cycle, helping to control costs. Using a Six Sigma and AGILE SCRUM-driven user engagement process, we rapidly moved into action. Our solution incorporated COTS technologies and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to deliver cloud-enabled, cross-domain capabilities that enabled a single MLS database platform that is accessible at all classification levels.


Our rapid provisioning reduced overall life-cycle costs, as well as the time needed to achieve ATO, by an impressive 30 percent. Following our engagement, the client is benefiting from reliable network access to a shared pool of configurable, on-demand computing services.

  • Cloud Migration & Enablement
  • Defense Cross-Domain Analytic Capability
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