Simplifying the Complex for Better Access to Data

  • Data Analytics for Mass Data Conversion & Modernization


This organization faced two significant challenges simultaneously. It was undergoing a major modernization of its IT environment, yet needed to provide its analysts with uninterrupted access to all available data during the migration from the legacy system. Over time, the organization had developed 60 disparate systems with extensive data overlap, yet its analysts lacked access to all systems. As a result, decision makers often had to work with incomplete and inconsistent data, and there was no “single source of truth” in the information being represented.


Aveshka worked with the client to develop an accurate picture of the complex challenges it faced, and then developed a way forward. Working from a vendor-agnostic product position, we helped select a suitable product suite and developed a streamlined user interface and data fusion platform, accessible at all classification levels. We then implemented a straightforward and iterative user engagement system that allowed access to all available information from a single, intuitive interface.


Following our engagement, the client’s analysts are experiencing faster access to more information, enabling more informed decisions in less time.

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