Candorâ„¢: Finding Needles in Stacks of Needles

shutterstock_43146154Aveshka, Inc. has developed Candor™, a cloud-based, open architecture analytical platform for harnessing data. Supported by experts in data analytics and intelligence, Candor™ provides customizable methodologies for solving the complex analytic challenges of managing “Big Data” in most data formats.

Today’s leaders must make real-time decisions while being bombarded by a staggering amount of information — most of which is irrelevant, but a small sliver is crucial, perhaps even holding the key to major gains. Even more challenging, this data deluge exists in a variety of formats, locations, and sources. Valuable historical information may be hidden away in printed materials, while more structured, modern data can appear in an untold number of formats. It is difficult — and in some cases, nearly impossible — to quickly find the right information needed to make an informed decision. It is a small wonder that the challenge of big data has been compared to finding “the needle” in countless stacks of needles.

To address this information overload, leaders need to ingest millions of data sources, such as websites, blogs, social media, and other disparate databases. Candor™ helps them sift through the data to find the information that is most valuable or useful to provide informed decision-making, avoid risks, and gain competitive advantage.

Candor™ uses natural language processing, a field of artificial intelligence, to use technology to derive meaning from human language. Combined with our RAPID (Research and Analytical Process for Intelligent Decision-making) methodology, Candor™ sifts through targeted data sets, and then efficiently and intelligently analyzes the data for meaning, finds linkages between seemingly unrelated data, and tags data for relevance based on geographic location, date, or individuals involved. This information is presented to users via a suite of customizable, high-performance visualization tools that facilitate understanding and insight — and expedite informed decision-making. Among Candor’s unique features:

  • Intelligent linkages among disparate data sources
  • Web-enabled, cloud-based, infrastructure independent
  • Flexible and extensible tools for analysis and relationship mapping
  • Open architecture foundation
  • Data type independent and open source access
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Intuitive, with little user training required
  • Delivered at a fraction of the cost of legacy, monolithic data analysis toolsets

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration of Candor™, along with a collaborative assessment of your organization’s intelligence-led decision requirements, please contact us.

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